National Public Health Week

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Today is the last day of National Public Health Week. With the motivation to be the healthiest nation by 2030, nationally we celebrated the power of prevention, advocated for healthy and fair policies and shared strategies for successful partnerships to build and maintain a strong public health system. Everyone has the right to live a […]

Passover and Easter Holiday Weekend

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As spring is blossoming all around us this weekend, we get to celebrate something special taking place; Passover and Easter are overlapping in the same weekend. These two separate religious holidays will bring friends and families together and illuminate the community. While these holidays have many differences, they both acknowledge the culture, history and nature […]

Epidemic on Texting and Driving

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South Florida is seeing an epidemic on our roadways as car collisions are occurring from texting and driving. With an 11% increase of car accidents from 2013 to 2016, there has been a noticeable trend of carless driving that is solely caused by distractions. Some examples include, failing to stay in proper lanes, running a […]

Tide Pod Challenge Needs to End

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The newest social media challenge is not a trend that anyone should be participating in. This is referred to as the “Tide Pod Challenge,” where we are seeing teenagers ingesting laundry detergent pods voluntarily and filming themselves while doing this to share on social media platforms. The videos capture individuals foaming at the mouth and […]

Flu Predictions for 2018

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In 2018, we may be seeing less cases of the flu! Every year we see a drastic overload of cases of influenza, commonly known as the flu. This is a serious disease that causes between 250,000 – 500,000 worldwide annual deaths yearly. Influenza is constantly evolving which means that vaccines can become resilient to the […]

Open Enrollment for Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Begins Today

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This article was originally published on South Florida Caribbean News.  FORT LAUDERDALE  – Open enrollment to purchase healthcare insurance through the Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Marketplace kicks off on Wednesday, November 1 and runs for only 45 days through December 15, 2017. For people who enroll in a health insurance plan by the Dec. 15 deadline, coverage will […]

Afterschool Program Honors Participants

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The Good Neighbor Store Initiative is a collaborative effort championed by BRHPC’s Partnerships Transforming Our Community Health (TOUCH). Participating organizations include the Broward Regional Health Planning Council (BRHPC), Florida Department of Health in Broward County, YMCA of South Florida, Children’s Services Council, American Lung Association, local schools, customers and many other partners throughout Broward County. […]

Fitness center opens at Delevoe Memorial Park

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This article was originally published in the Sun Sentinel.  Broward County‘s new Destination Fitness facility will enrich the quality of life for thousands of residents, said Peter Wood, vice president of programs and community investments for the Health Foundation of South Florida. The outdoor exercise area in Rev. Samuel Delevoe Memorial Park, located at 2520 […]

Firework Safety & Managing Chronic Diseases

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Story of the week: As we celebrate Independence Day this year with family and friends, please be careful while using fireworks. Over 18,000 fires are caused each year due to fireworks used incorrectly. Fireworks can cause severe burns, property damages and brushfires. Read the directions and cautionary labels if you are going to be using […]