U.S. Consumers Report EpiPen Supply Issues: What to Do and Auto-Injector Choices

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This article was originally published in Allergic Living. Many American families and individuals with food allergies are having difficulty filling prescriptions for EpiPen epinephrine auto-injectors at their local pharmacies, Allergic Living has learned. By email and via Allergic Living’s Facebook page, readers in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Virginia, Ohio, Massachusetts, Maine, Georgia, Texas and […]

Florida Ranks Number One In Takata Airbag Deaths, Injuries

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The article was originally published in WJCT. A spokesperson with Fiat Chrysler has designated May Airbag Recall Repair Month statewide, with an emphasis on Miami, Orlando and Tampa. The designation also applies to Jacksonville residents. Florida has the highest number of injuries and fatalities as a result of defective Takata airbags, according to automakers. Since […]

Robotic Bees Are a Real Thing—and the Company Funding Them Might Surprise You

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This article was originally published on The buzz about pollination drones is more important than ever, and companies like Walmart want in on the action. When several types of bees and bumblebees made the endangered-species list thanks to declining bee populations it’s easy to see why companies are looking towards robotics as a possible solution. After all, bees supply more […]

Got WIC? Don’t Wait!

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Families may be missing out on valuable nutrition benefits because they delay signing up for the Women Infants & Children program (WIC). These families apparently do not realize they can enroll in WIC as soon as a woman becomes pregnant. No waiting for a pregnancy confirmation. No waiting for the birth. Only 80 percent of […]

Mental Health Awareness Month

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This article was originally published on Mental Health America. Since 1949, Mental Health America and our affiliates across the country have led the observance of May is Mental Health Month by reaching millions of people through the media, local events and screenings. We welcome other organizations to join us in spreading the word that mental […]

Too much TV at age 2 leads to poor health as teens

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This article was originally published on Daily News Lifestyle. Television-loving toddlers are in for poor health in adolescence. So says a study from the Université de Montréal’s School of Psychoeducation warning that watching too much TV at age 2 can translate into bad eating habits in teen years and poor performance in school. Researchers tracked […]