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The batching cycle projects subject to CON review are shown below:



New Hospital Facilities Pediatric Open Heart Surgery
Replacement Facilities Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization
*NICU Level II and III Organ Transplantation
Rehabilitation Beds Nursing Home Beds
Long Term Care Hospitals Hospice Programs
*NICU=Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Hospice Inpatient Facilities
**ICF/DD=Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled

Hospital Beds and Facilities: 1st Batching Cycle – 2016

*In 2001, the Florida legislature placed a moratorium on the issuance of certificates of need for additional community nursing home beds until July 1, 2006. This action was taken because the legislature found that the continued growth in the Medicaid budget for nursing home care constrained the ability of the state to meet the needs of its elderly residents through the use of less restrictive and less institutional methods of long-term care. The moratorium on new certificates of need for additional community nursing home beds has been lifted effective July 1, 2014.



Summary Need Projections Published in F.A.W. 1-15-16
Letter of Intent Deadline 2-01-16
Application Deadline 3-02-16
Completeness Review Deadline 3-09-16
Application Omissions Deadline 4-13-16
Agency Initial Decision Deadline 6-03-16

Hospital Beds and Facilities: 2nd Batching Cycle – 2016



Summary Need Projections Published in F.A.W. 7-15-16
Letter of Intent Deadline 8-01-16
Application Deadline 9-07-16
Completeness Review Deadline 9-14-16
Application Omissions Deadline 10-12-16
Agency Initial Decision Deadline 12-02-16

Other Beds and Programs: 1st Batching Cycle -2016



Summary Need Projections Published in F.A.W. 4-01-16
Letter of Intent Deadline 4-18-16
Application Deadline 5-18-16
Completeness Review Deadline 5-25-16
Application Omissions Deadline 6-22-16
Agency Initial Decision Deadline 8-19-16

Other Beds and Programs: 2nd Batching Cycle – 2016



Summary Need Projections Published in F.A.W. 10-07-16
Letter of Intent Deadline 10-17-16
Application Deadline 11-16-16
Completeness Review Deadline 11-23-16
Application Omissions Deadline 12-28-16
Agency Initial Decision Deadline 02-17-17

*Pursuant to Section 408.0436, F.S. (Limitation on nursing home certificates of need), the Agency may not approve new community nursing home beds as the Agency approved the maximum allowable number of additional nursing home beds, statewide, as authorized by the Florida Legislature on February 19, 2016.  The statute will be repealed on July 1, 2017.

Certificate of Need (CON) Accepted Letters of Intent (LOI) and Applications Hospital Beds & Facilities Batching Cycle January, 2012



Cleveland Clinic Florida Health 10148
Cleveland Clinic Florida Health 10148-49
Cleveland Clinic Florida Health 10151
Cleveland Clinic Florida Health 10151-52
Cleveland Clinic Florida Health 10154
Cleveland Clinic Florida Health 10154-1
Cleveland Clinic Florida Health N1204010
Cleveland Clinic Florida Health N1204013
East Florida Healthcare, LLC 10202
Hallandale Rehabilitation Center 9970
Hallandale Rehabilitation Center 9970-1
Hallandale Rehabilitation Center 9970-2
Holy Cross Hospital NF120035
North Broward Hospital District 10387
North Broward Hospital District 10389
Northwest Medical Center 10172
Northwest Medical Center 10172-1
Northwest Medical Center H1208013
South Broward Hospital District 10149
South Broward Hospital District 10386
South Broward Hospital District 10388
The Shores Behavioral Hospital, LLC 10224
The Shores Behavioral Hospital, LLC H1108006
The Shores Behavioral Hospital, LLC H1108007