Broward County Health Plan

BRHPC has developed the Broward County Health Plan. The Health Plan provides a comprehensive analysis describing the community, health care system and various factors influencing health and health care access. The Plan covers a variety of topics, from labor force statistics to immunization rates, reflecting the broad scope of public health as well as highlighting the correlation between socioeconomics and community health. For example, education and crime are two socioeconomic factors that can significantly impact individual and community health.

County Health Rankings – Broward County Health Snapshot 

Broward County Health Snapshot

Florida Department of Health in Broward County (FDOHBC) Publications:

2016 Broward County Community Health Assessment 

2017 Broward County Community Health Improvement Plan

Health Plan:

Health Plan Cover

Executive Summary

Health Plan Chapters:

Chapter 1 – Regional Profile

Chapter 2 – Health Status

Chapter 3 – Health Resources

Chapter 4 – Healthcare Utilization May 2019

Chapter 5 – Healthcare Financing

Chapter 6 – Surveying and Benchmarks

Chapter 7 – Health Data Warehouse May 2019

Chapter 8 – Gaps Analysis

Fact Sheets:

Social Determinants of Health Review April 2019

ALICE Report Update – March 2019

STI Face Sheet July 2018

Poverty and Homelessness 2018

Quick Fact Sheet – February 2016

Health Insurance Fact Sheet – February 2016

Health Resources Fact Sheet – February 2016

Children’s Quick Facts Sheet – May 2015

Mortality Facts Sheet – July 2014

Economy Fact Sheet – April 2014

Oral Health Fact Sheet – April 2014

Uninsured Fact Sheet – April 2014

Zip Code Fact Sheets:

Economy Fact Sheet

Education Fact Sheet

Maternal and Child Health

Mortality Fact Sheet

QuickFacts Fact Sheet