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BRHPC Community Programs

Broward Regional Health Planning Council offers 15 different
community assistance programs.

TOUCH Broward

We work with communities, partners and local government to reduce health disparities & improve the health and well-being of Broward County Residents.

HIV Planning Council

The purpose of the Council is to provide planning, to promote development of HIV/AIDS health services, personnel, and facilities which meet identified health needs in a cost-effective manner, to reduce inefficiencies, and to develop HIV-related health plans.

Healthy Families Broward

Healthy Families Broward is a community-based, voluntary home-visiting program designed to promote positive parent/child interaction and healthy childhood growth and development, thereby preventing child abuse and neglect.

Nurse Family Partnership

A community health program that truly changes lives – for generations to come.

Community Partners

Meet our Community Partners who strive to enrich and improve lives of Broward County residents:

community partners