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Off the Press

Broward County Health Profile is here:

Broward Regional Health Planning Council’s Broward County Health Profile provides a synopsis of Broward County health indicators.

It is a compilation of statistics at the county and state levels; including population demographics, socioeconomic factors, leading causes of death, infectious diseases, maternal and child health, healthcare utilization, healthcare access and prevention quality indicators.

Read the Broward County Health Profile

BRHPC Community Programs

Broward Regional Health Planning Council offers 13 different
community assistance programs.

TOUCH Broward

We work with communities, partners and local government to reduce health disparities & improve the health and well-being of Broward County Residents.

HIV Planning Council

The purpose of the Council is to provide planning, to promote development of HIV/AIDS health services, personnel, and facilities which meet identified health needs in a cost-effective manner, to reduce inefficiencies, and to develop HIV-related health plans.

Healthy Families Broward

Healthy Families Broward is a community-based, voluntary home-visiting program designed to promote positive parent/child interaction and healthy childhood growth and development, thereby preventing child abuse and neglect.

Housing Stability Pragram

The HOUSING STABILITY PROGRAM (HSP), a temporary rental assistance program designed to help low-income Broward County Families who are at risk of becoming homeless* OR low-income Broward County Families who are already homeless (Based on HUD Definition of homelessness).

Community Partners

Meet our Community Partners who strive's to enrich and improve lives of Broward County Residents:

community partners